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1. 中國女孩疑在美機場被綁

2. MH370調查報告公布

3. 拼多多涉假遭調查

4. 墨西哥客機墜毀 全員生還

5. 28省2018上半年GDP排名

6. 世界首例人造單染色體真核細胞誕生




Chinese girl believed to be abducted from US airport

A 12-year-old girl who was visiting the United States from China was believed to be abducted by a woman at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Thursday morning, officials say.


The girl, JinJing Ma, is believed to be in "extreme danger," Virginia State Police said in a statement. The FBI is involved in the investigation, and state police said they are contacting the Chinese embassy.


Law enforcement officials in the DC area issued an Amber Alert.


Ma was last seen at the airport at 8:15 a.m. She was traveling with a group and met with a middle-aged woman, who also was visiting from China.


The girl and the woman both changed clothes, walked to the arrivals area of the airport and disappeared out of the view of security cameras, police said.


They are believed to be riding in a white 2016 or 2018 Infiniti QX70 with New York plates that a man is driving. Investigators are working to identify the license plate number, the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority said late Thursday night.


Ma stands 4-foot-11 and weighs 90 pounds. She has brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and a black jacket.


The woman, whose name police did not release, stands 5 feet tall and was wearing a black dress.


Later Thursday night, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority released more photos, including the photo of the woman suspect and a man arriving at the airport's ticketing and departures level.



abduct  綁架;誘拐;挾持

law enforcement official  執法人員

Amber Alert  安伯警報(美國兒童安全警報系統)

security camera  安全攝像頭;監控攝像機

license plate  牌照




MH370 report

The head of Malaysia’s civil aviation regulator has resigned after an official report found failings in air traffic control when flight MH370 disappeared.


In a long-awaited report released on Monday, the official investigation team pointed to numerous lapses by air traffic controllers in both Malaysia and Vietnam, which ensured the plane was missing for about 20 minutes before an alert was sent.


In the 495-page report, investigators said they still did not know why the plane vanished, leaving families of those onboard devastated and highly critical of the investigation.


The safety investigating team, however, did officially conclude that the course of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft was changed manually, rather than due to autopilot mechanisms.


After investigations demonstrated that the pilot had been both adequately trained and under no pressures or mental strain that could have led him to crash the plane on purpose in a suicide mission, Dr Kok Soo Chon, the investigator in charge of the MH370 safety investigation, said “interference by a third party” could be a reason the jet suddenly diverted off course.


The transport minister, Anthony Loke, said on Monday that “the aspiration to locate MH370 has not been abandoned” and vowed to take action against any misconduct committed based on the findings.



civil aviation  民用航空

air traffic control  空中交通管制

long-awaited  期待已久的

critical of  挑剔;對…感到不滿

off course  偏離軌道/航線

mental strain  精神緊張




Pinduoduo probed over alleged fake goods

China's markets regulator said on Wednesday it has asked Shanghai regulators to investigate online discounter Pinduoduo Inc following media reports of counterfeit goods and intellectual property infringements.


The move comes after the Chinese e-commerce start-up raised $1.63 billion last week in the second-biggest U.S. listing by a Chinese firm this year, which valued the company at $23.8 billion.


Regulators will interview the Shanghai-based platform's operators and will deal seriously with any illegal practices found on the platform, the State Administration for Market Regulation said on its website.


Pinduoduo is known for running large campaigns with extremely low-priced products to lure consumers – and has faced criticism for allowing misleading goods to be sold to consumers in some instances, mostly in China’s countryside.


Serial entrepreneur Huang Zheng, the founder of Pinduoduo, said counterfeit goods remain an unavoidable problem in China amid the steady development of the country’s online retail market.



counterfeit  n.贗品;冒牌貨;偽造品  adj.假冒的,偽造的;虛偽的  vt.偽造,仿造;假裝,偽裝  vi.仿造;假裝

intellectual property  知識產權

infringement  n. 侵犯;違反

lure  n.誘惑;餌;誘惑物  vt.誘惑;引誘

serial entrepreneur  連續創業家(有創業精神的人,不斷地思考新的事業點子,起而行去實踐之)




Mexico plane crash

Dozens of people were injured when a packed Aeromexico-operated Embraer jet crashed right after takeoff in Mexico's state of Durango on Tuesday, but authorities said most were not seriously hurt and there were no fatalities.


The mid-sized jet was almost full, with 103 people including two infants and four crew members on board, when it crashed at about 4 p.m. local time (2100 GMT), authorities said. Passengers and crew jumped to safety before the plane was engulfed in flames. The pilot was the most severely hurt but was in a stable condition.


Passenger Jackeline Flores told reporters the plane crashed shortly after taking off in heavy rain.

一位名叫Jackeline Flores的乘客在接受采訪時說,飛機在起飛后不久便遭遇暴雨落地墜毀。

TV images showed the severely damaged body of the plane after it came to rest in scrubland and a column of smoke rose into the sky.



fatality  死亡;宿命;致命性;不幸;災禍

crew members  機組人員

on board  在船(火車、飛機)

engulf  吞沒;吞噬;席卷;吞食,狼吞虎咽

scrubland  灌木叢林地

a column of smoke  一股/柱煙




GDP figures for the first half of 2018

28 of China’s province-level administrative entities have released their GDP figures for the first half of 2018 to reveal that Guangdong is China’s largest regional economy while Guizhou province has seen the most rapid growth.


Guangdong province’s first half GDP reading of 4.634193 trillion yuan put it first out of the 28 provinces that have released data, followed by Jiangsu province in second place, with a figure of 4.48635 trillion yuan.


Shandong came in third place, followed by Zhejiang in fourth, Henan in fifth, Sichuan sixth, Hubei seventh, Hebei eighth, Hunan ninth and Shanghai tenth.


15 of the 28 Chinese province-level entities outpaced the nationwide growth rate of 6.8%.


Guizhou saw the most rapid GDP growth with an increase of 10%, making it the sole Chinese province to see double digit expansion in the first half.


Yunnan took second place at 9.2%, while Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Anhui, Fujian and Sichuan all posted growth in excess of 8%.


Jilin, Xinjiang and Tibet have yet to release their GDP data for the first half of 2018.



in second place  排在第二

outpace  趕過;超過…速度

double digit  兩位數

in excess of  超過;較…為多




man-made single-chromosome eukaryote

Brewer's yeast, one-third of whose genome is said to share ancestry with humans, has 16 chromosomes. However, Chinese scientists have managed to fit nearly all its genetic material into just one chromosome while not affecting the majority of its functions, according to a paper released Thursday on the website of the journal Nature.


Qin Zhongjun, a molecular biologist at the Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences of the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his team used CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing to create a single-chromosome yeast strain, the paper said.


Yeast is a type of eukaryote, which also includes humans, plants, and animals. Humans have 46 chromosomes, whereas male jack jumper ants have just one. It seems that the number of chromosomes of a eukaryote has no correlation with the amount of genetic information they possess, the paper said.


"It overturns the traditional view that gene expression is determined by the structure of chromosomes," Qin said.


The research may also pave the way for new man-made species in the future. "Yeast has great tolerance in genetic modification, and it is possible to add new chromosome segments to the genome. Researchers can make bolder attempts。" he said.



yeast strain  酵母菌株

genome  基因組

genetic material  遺傳物質,基因材料

genetic modification  基因改造,基因修飾

genetic information  基因信息

gene expression  基因表達

molecular  分子的;由分子組成的

eukaryote /juː'kærɪəʊt/  真核細胞

chromosome segment  染色體片段

pave the way for  為…做好準備;為…鋪平道路